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¡¡ Ultrasonic vibrating sieve
product name Ultrasonic vibrating sieve 1

Ultrasonic vibrating sieve is able to convert electric energy with 220V,50Hz or 110V,60Hz into high-frequency electric energy with 18KHz and then puts it into ultrasonic energy exchanger to make it change into mechanical vibration with 18KHz and attains the purpose of high-efficiency sieve and cleaning mesh, which makes it easy to sieve the superfine powder. This system uses a low amplitude, high frequency ultrasonic vibrating wave(mechanical wave)on the sieve mesh by the traditional vibrating sieve to improve the sieving abilities of superfine powder. This product is suitable for the users who demand the high additional value and fine powder.

Principle of work

    The ultrasonic vibrating wave(mechanic wave)added on the sieve mesh makes superfine powder accept the giant ultrasonic acceleration which restrains blockage factors which includes adhesion, friction, pancake, wedging etc and improves sieving and cleaning efficiency.


    It is able to improve the pancake and slip-effect of low-density powder in the gravity settling(light touch between powder and mesh),improving the occluding and wedging of high-density metal on the mesh, improving the adhesion effect of powder with the electrostatic, which improves the sieving efficiency and quality. Using the sieving through rate to show, it generally is able to increase the through rate of 50%-400% than one which is not ultrasonic vibrating sieve.

¢ÅReduce net-cleaning time.
¢ÆNo assistant objects bring pollution to the powder body, e.g. sprong globe.
¢ÇKeep the size of mesh and make the sieving precision stable.
¢ÈDisassemble the adhesion objects and reduce the objects on the sieve.
¢ÉMake the sieving times down.

Technical data ¡¡

SF air flow griddle abandons geopotential working principle, adopts the working principle of kinetic energy to do works, with the air as carrier,. Mixes materials with the air under pressure, then make them to enter into the middle of wheel ,spay through the net with the enough eccentricity powder, and are collected by the snail shell. For those, which cannot through the net, are discharged automobile through exclude to gain filtration propose.


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