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¡¡ Airflow sieving machine
product name Airflow sieving machine 1

¡¡ Due to its characteristics of its easily adhere, small diameter, light weight and easily floating, current griddle is hard to filtrate by the way of geopotantial and pressing strength, elasticity, fierce. It causes flying easily and hard to attain the specification. We have devoted many years to research and trial-produce the newest machine for minuteness filtration and passed through national patent.
    This machine is suitable for the kinds of powdered materials which size between 80-530 mesh, with high filtration efficiency, high output, automobile discharge, continuous working, no pollution which make once hard filtration to become easy.

Working Principle ¡¡SF air flow griddle abandons geopotential working principle, adopts the working principle of kinetic energy to do works, with the air as carrier,. Mixes materials with the air under pressure, then make them to enter into the middle of wheel ,spay through the net with the enough eccentricity powder, and are collected by the snail shell. For those, which cannot through the net, are discharged automobile through exclude to gain filtration propose.
Function characteristic ¡¡High efficiency filtration : more than 95%£»                             
Wide scope of thinnest: powder materials with the size of 80-530 mesh can filter with high efficiency£»
Precision of thinnest, no super and mixture grade£»
Install uprightness, long duration£»
Filtration procedure is processed under pressure, no powder pollution£»
Be matched with all kinds of griddle and meshwork£»
Low noise, low consuming, continuous working, decrease maintain.
Suitable Materials ¡¡Black lead powder, resin powder, Chinese medicine powder, pigment, coal dust, industrial medicine, cosmetic, fire proof plastic powder, china clay, griddle, aluminum powder, glass powder, fire-resistant materials, starch, milk powder, metallurgy, electricity materials, copper powder, carbon, active carbon, light carbonate calcium iron ore.

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